The Boroughbury Kennels from 1962

There were no Boroughbury litters between 1952 and 1962. In 1961, Mrs. James took on Ballykelly Biddy Mulligan and Ballykelly Patsy Fagan, both then registered as "of Boroughbury", and it was Biddy Mulligan that the 1962 litter came from, which was by Ch. Sulhamstead Merman. In 1965 Biddy Mulligan had a litter by Ch. Eaglescrag Clonroe of Nendrum, from which came Elsie's Ch. Boroughbury Brona. Brona later went to Sam Ewing II in the U.S.A., where she became a US Ch. as well. She had an exciting show career in the States. Sam Ewing wrote to Elsie James: "In one year of showing, Brona has won more than any Irish Wolfhound bitch in recorded history of the breed."

 Ch & US Ch. Boroughbury Brona
   Ch. & USA Ch. Boroughbury Brona
born April 10th, 1965 by Ch. Eaglescrag Clonroe of Nendrum ex
Ballykelly Biddy Mulligan of Boroughbury
 Boroughbury Brona
 Ch. & USA Ch. Boroughbury Brona
Brona winning Brood Bitch 
 Ch. & USA Ch. Boroughbury Brona winning the Brood Bitch competition at the
IWCA Specialty
Boroughbury Brona 
 Ch. & USA Ch. Boroughbury Brona

Also in 1961, Torc of Ballykelly came to Boroughbury. In December, 1962, Elsie James registered another litter, out of Torc, by Chun of Eaglescrag, and in March, 1963 one from Patsy Fagan (by Ch. Colin of Nendrum), which included USA Ch. Boroughbury Brickeen. That same month saw the transfer of one of Elsie's all-time favourites, Montebello Prince of Boroughbury (known as "Spud"), from Mrs. P. Hoyland. He was by Sulhamstead Ribot ex Ballykelly Kenmarach.

Montebello Prince of Boroughbury 
 Montebello Prince of Boroughbury
Ballykelly Patsy Fagan of Boroughbury 
 Ballykelly Patsy Fagan of Boroughbury
with puppies by Ch. Sulhamstead Max

Also in 1963, Samando Patsy joined the kennel. Boroughbury Brickeen, before going to America, had a litter by Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight, which included Nord Ch Boroughbury Paddy Boy of Brabyns, USA Ch Kilkara Boroughbury Peggy and USA Ch Sanctuary Shamus Again.

 Kilkara Boroughbury Peggy
 U.S.Ch. Kilkara Boroughbury Peggy
born June 12th, 1965
by Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight
ex U.S.A. Ch. Boroughbury Brickeen
Kilkara Boroughbury Peggy 
 US Ch. Kilkara Boroughbury Peggy

The Boroughbury hounds continued to make their mark in various kennels, particularly in Sheelah Seale's Ballykelly, in Noreen Twyman's Nendrum, with Int. Ch. Carol of Eaglescrag's dam coming from a litter by McCarthy ex Ouborough Tara of Boroughbury (Carol was the dam of Clonroe and Captain of Nendrum), in the Jenkins' Eaglescrag kennel with Carol's sister, Song, being dam of Ch. Moira and granddam of Ch. Clindhu, and Misses Harrison and Atfield's Sanctuary kennel with another sister, Sonnet, being dam of Ch. Brave Knight.

adult hounds 
 Picture from a 1964 Boroughbury advertisement, entitled "Adult Hounds"

Leslie Jones had Ch. Brackenford Maureen of Boroughbury, Ruth Jenkins had Ch. Eaglescrag Cooleen of Boroughbury, and Helen Baird had Ch. Outhwaite Clodagh of Boroughbury.

Brackenford Maureen of Boroughbury   Outhwaite Clodagh of Boroughbury
 Ch. Brackenford Maureen of Boroughbury
born March 17th, 1963
by Ch. Sulhamstead Merman
ex Ballykelly Biddy Mulligan of
 Ch. Outhwaite Clodagh of Boroughbury
born September 21st, 1965
by Ch. Clindhu of Eaglescrag
ex Moragh of Boroughbury

Helen Baird's Outhwaite kennel started with Boroughbury hounds and, more recently, Din Jo of Boroughbury sired Ch. Outhwaite Hamish. Boroughbury Justice, from Elsie James' last litter, proved an excellent influence on the breed in Ireland, giving more uniformity of type and greater quality. He was the sire of Int. Ch.Carrokeel Coillte Merlin, of Ch. Nutstown Queen (dam of Int. Ch. Nutstown King) and of Ch. Sinead of Cu Uisneach. There can be few modern hounds which do not have Boroughbury somewhere in their pedigrees.

Outhwaite Boroughbury Brosna   Boroughbury Thornwick Aran
 Outhwaite Boroughbury Brosha
born January 6th, 1963,
by Ch. Colin of Nendrum
ex Ballykelly Patsy Fagan of Boroughbury
 Boroughbury Thornwick Aran
born June 16, 1969,
by Din Jo of Boroughbury
ex Edgecroft Siobahn

Elsie James & some Boroughbury hounds 
 From l to r: Guinness, Dingle, Kate Carney, Pratie & Patsy

In the photograph above, Dingle is Dingle of Boroughbury, born February 9th, 1965, by Montebello Prince of Boroughbury (otherwise known as Spud) ex Boroughbury Alewa. Dingle was later to become Brabyns Dingle of Boroughbury. Kate Carney was Ballykelly Kate Carney of Boroughbury, born March 10th, 1964, by Ballykelly Kilpadraic of Boroughbury ex Ballykelly Caid Mile Failte. Patsy could have been either Ballykelly Patsy Fagan of Boroughbury, born March 8th, 1961 by Ch. & Ir. Ch. McGilligan of Ballykelly ex Kingsholme Sunshine, or Samando Patsy, born January 8th, 1962 by Ch. Sulhamstead Remus ex Sulhamstead Mona. The photograph dates before 1967, as Kate Carney went to America that year. If anyone knows who Guinness and Pratie are, I should be very grateful for details.

Din Jo of Boroughbury 
 Din Jo of Boroughbury
born August 19th, 1967
by Eaglescrag Clonroe of Nendrum
ex Fudge of Boroughbury

Din Jo started his show career at the age of eleven months by winning the Reserve CC at Peterborough Championship Show under Mrs. Nagle (Sulhamstead). However, not long after he injured a testicle, which had to be removed, and this brought his show career to an end. He was then owned by Major David Watts but was used at stud both at the home kennel and outside.

Brona's litter sister, Bouncer, was retained by Elsie and had a litter in 1970 by Din Jo, from which came Boroughbury Officer Kelly.

Boroughbury Officer Kelly 
 Boroughbury Officer Kelly at six months

Ballykelly Brophy of Boroughbury   Boroughbury Arklow
 Ballykelly Brophy of Boroughbury
born August 7th, 1966
by Ballykelly Conor of St. Doulagh's
ex Ballykelly Bawneen
 Boroughbury Arklow
born August 17th, 1965
by Ballykelly Kilpadraic of Boroughbury
ex Ballykelly Caid Mile Failte

Elsie James last litter was born February 18th, 1971, by Ch. Caio of Eaglescrag ex Boroughbury Thornwick Aran (by Din Jo of Boroughbury ex Edgecroft Siobahn), and produced Ir. Chs. Boroughbury Justice and Boroughbury Jolly.

Ir. Ch. Boroughbury Justice  Ir. Ch. Boroughbury Jolly 
 Ir. Ch. Boroughbury Justice,
Top winning I.W. in Ireland 1972, 1975, 1976
Ir. Ch. Boroughbury Jolly,
Top winning I.W. in Ireland 1974

IW Club of Ireland Champ. show 
 l to r Sheelah Seale with Boroughbury Thornwick Aran, Zena Andrews (judge),
and Elizabeth Murphy with Ir. Chs. Boroughbury Justice & Jolly at the
Irish Wolfhound Club Of Ireland's Championship Show, 1976

Elsie had not been active in the breed for some years prior to her death on October 5th, 1987, but she did judge the Club Open Show in 1980 and LKA in 1982. She also judged the Irish Club's specialty in 1978. In her later years the wolfhounds had been taken over by Pekinese, the first of which came from the Sanctuary kennels and were bred by May Atfield.

Peterborough show 
 Elsie James judging the East of England Show, Peterborough in 1976
On the left is her Dog C.C. winner, Susanne Hudson's
Brabyns Donaghadee, and on the right her BoB winner, Margaret
Harrison & May Atfield's Massetts Morag
 Elsie James
 Elsie James when she judged the
I.W. Club of Ireland's Championship
Show in 1978, seen here with
Noreen Twyman, President of the Club

 Elsie James judging the LKA, 1982
Elsie James when she judged the L.K.A.
Championship Show, 1982,
with her bitch winners - Sulhamstead Mica (C.C.),
handled by Mrs. Nagle, and Sulhamstead Muffet (Res. C.C.)
handled by Mary Jane Ellis 

Elsie James had also tried out several other enterprises, such as turkey rearing, chickens, and then white donkeys - described by Elsie in one advertisement as "very much a hobby and sideline to breeding Irish Wolfhounds and boarding." The boarding kennels was her last venture and a very successful one.

donkey and white foal 
 Blackie the donkey with white colt foal

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