Irish Wolfhound Kennels of the Past

We started in wolfhounds in the late 1960s, when there were still some of the old kennels around, perhaps not as large as they had been in their heyday but still ruling the show scene. It was possible to tell by looking at a hound which kennel it came from, because the type was so strong. This is something that is not seen nowadays, mainly because in-breeding and line-breeding are no longer carried on, but partly because it is not possible for small kennels to breed in the same way the kennels of the past did.

In time I intend to put up as many notable kennels from the past as I can and that I have pictures for. To begin with, I worked on the Sulhamstead kennels, partly because I have most pictures and information for it but also because it made such a mark on the breed, both in the U.K. and elsewhere in the world, and for so long.

Sulhamstead was important for more than just Irish wolfhounds. Apart from the Irish Setters that did so well in working trials, and the Aberdeen Angus cattle and Berkshire pigs, and the racehorses, Mrs. Nagle was notable for her battles with both the Jockey Club and the Kennel Club.

group of people 
 This photograph was taken at the Irish Wolfhound Club Summer Party held at Henley Rugby Club in 1975
and shows a group of the most respected breeders and judges of the day answering questions from the audience.
The panel consisted of (from left to right) Susanne Hudson (Brabyns), Helen Baird (Outhwaite), Florence Nagle (Sulhamstead),
Ron Baird (Outhwaite) and Yvonne Bentinck. Standing behind Helen Baird and Mrs. Nagle are Bernard Brace (Braehead) and Gordon Crane (Seplecur)

There is no pattern to when I am doing the kennels, nor to which kennels I work on - it is just as they happen to come up. However, once done they may not remain the same. As I come across new information/ pictures, changes will be made to the original pages so this whole Irish Wolfhound history scene is ever-expanding.

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Updated 1/4/2016