Irish Wolfhound History

The Boroughbury Kennels

Elsie James

Elsie James was born in 1910 in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Her first interest in dogs was in Irish Red and White Setters and she also had Irish Setters, but she started her wolfhound kennel in 1942 with Clonboy of Ouborough, obtained not from his breeder, Mr. J.V. Rank, but from Mrs. Dodson. Elsie bred her first litter in April, 1943, by Clonboy ex Tara of Bradfield. Tara was not officially registered to Elsie but remained with her registered breeder, Miss Noel Nicholls (Bradfield). Clonboy was used extensively at stud and several of his daughters came back to the home kennel from outside litters.

Clonboy of Ouborough 
Clonboy of Ouborough, born March 2nd, 1939
by Ch. & USA Ch. Chulainn Casey of Kihone ex Maynooth of Ouborough

From the first Boroughbury litter in April,1943 (by Clonboy out of Tara of Bradfield), Elsie kept a male, Brogue of Boroughbury.

Brogue of Boroughbury 
 Brogue of Boroughbury

In 1944 Casbah of Ouborough, a Clonboy daughter out of Killala of Ouborough, came to Boroughbury and shortly after another Ouborough bitch, Kevin (Achris of Ouborough ex Ina of Ouborough), aged 6, joined her.

Casbah of Ouborough 
 Casbah of Ouborough
Setter & Wolfhounds 
 Derrydromod Marsalla, Casbah of Ouborough, Briar of Boroughbury, Bracken of Boroughbury,
Brogue of Boroughbury, Kevin of Ouborough, Clonboy of Ouborough, Develin Mist

Two bitch puppies came into the kennel from a litter sired by Clonboy out of Artel Felclarion in 1944 - Bracken and Briar of Boroughbury.

Briar of Boroughbury 
 Briar of Boroughbury
Bracken, Casbah and Briar 
 Bracken of Boroughbury at 9 months,
Casbah of Ouborough at 7 months and
Briar of Boroughbury at 9 months

Casbah mated to Clonboy produced a litter from which two pups went abroad - one to Holland and one to Switzerland - and two, Dan and Deena stayed with Elsie.

Dan of Boroughbury at 6 months 
 Dan of Boroughbury at six months

Clonboy to Kevin produced Int. Ch. Mulligan of Boroughbury and J.V.Rank's Ch. Ouborough McCarthy of Boroughbury. Also in the litter was Moira of Boroughbury, retained by Elsie James.

Mulligan of Boroughbury 
Int. Ch. Mulligan of Boroughbury at twelve months,
born September 21st, 1944
by Clonboy of Ouborough ex Kevin of Ouborough 
Mulligan of Boroughbury  Mulligan of Boroughbury
Moira of Boroughbury 
 Moira of Boroughbury at 10½ months
 Moira and Mulligan 
 Moira and Mulligan of Boroughbury

From the litter by Clonboy ex Tara of Bradfield, J. V. Rank took three puppies registered as Darragh, Oonagh and Tara of Ouborough. Tara of Ouborough was then sold to Miss W. Seymour Walker, who, a few months later, transferred her back to Elsie James.

Casbah, Moira and Tara 
 Casbah of Ouborough, Moira of Boroughbury, and
Tara of Ouborough

Tara, mated to Mulligan, produced J.V. Rank's (later Mr. B. Jackson's) Ch. Ouborough Tara of Boroughbury, and Ch. Kerryman of Boroughbury, sire of Ch. Rippingdon Rathgelert and Ch. Mavourneen of Bradfield.

 Ouborough Tara of Boroughbury  Kerryman of Boroughbury
 Ch. Ouborough Tara of Boroughbury, born April
15th, 1946 by Ch. Mulligan of Boroughbury ex
Tara of Ouborough
 Ch. Kerryman of Boroughbury, born April 12th,
1947 by Ch. Mulligan of Boroughbury ex
Tara of Ouborough
Kerryman and Mulligan
Kerryman of Boroughbury and his sire Int. Ch. Mulligan of Boroughbury 

Mulligan of Boroughbury was Elsie James's first champion, gaining his championship in the same year (1948) as Mr. Rank's Ouborough McCarthy of Boroughbury. Kerryman of Boroughbury (owned by Mrs. C. Barling) was the next Boroughbury champion, made up in 1951.

Clonboy did quite a bit of winning at shows. In 1945 he won two best in show awards and one reserve best in show out of five shows.

Clonboy proved not only a potent sire but his progeny were good breeders too, and the Boroughbury affix was soon to be seen in the pedigrees of champions of many of the top kennels in England, Ireland and the States. All the English champions born in 1944-6 were by Clonboy or his sons or grandsons (Clonboy was Mavourneen's great grandsire on all four lines) and in several cases ex his daughters or granddaughters. The same can be said for all but one of the English champions born 1946-51.

Most people starting in a breed with a dog find that they have made a mistake and have to start again with a bitch. It cannot often happen that they start off like Elsie James with a dog which had the enormous impact of Clonboy. The breed was, of course, in difficulties during and immediately after the war and it was Clonboy's very success as a stud force that made it so necessary to obtain the outcross breeding of the American imports, Rory of Kihone and Barney o'Shea of Riverlawn. Not that it was entirely an outcross in the case of Rory, since Clonboy's sire, Chulainn Casey, went to Jeannette McGregor's Kihone Kennels in America and was the great grandsire of Rory's sire, Taddeus of Kihone.

Sullivan of Boroughbury   Sullivan of Boroughbury
 Int. Ch. Sullivan of Boroughbury, by Ch. Kerryman of Boroughbury ex Tana of Boroughbury  

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