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SPORTING LIFE - Wednesday 20 April 1864

The Ashburnham Dog Show
Mr. E.T. Smith, who was the first to establish a dog show on an extensive scale in London, and carry it out on the principle of keeping faith with the exhibitors and the public, has again, profiting by the experience of last year, inaugurated the second annual exhibition of dogs at Ashburnham House. If there was, from attractions elsewhere, a falling-off in the attendance on Monday last - the opening day - in comparison with that of last year, the continuance of fair weather, and the ascertained merits of the animals exhibited had the effect of bringing together a large concourse of visitors during the afternoon of Tuesday.
Class 19 - Foreign Hounds - Prize £2, breeder Mr. Samuel Norwood, 47 York Road, Lambeth: Buckstone, aged 1 year 9 months. Prize £5, Captain G.A. Graham, 6 Queens-parade, Cheltenham: Irish wolfhound Faust aged 4 years 6 months. £15. Prize £3, A.F.W. Gore, Esq., New Forest, Prince, Staghound, aged 4 years 6 months. £100.


THE IPSWICH JOURNAL - Friday 19 July 1889

Prize Wolfhound - Among local exhibits at the recent Kennel Club Show at Olympia, Mr. George E. Crisp, of Playford Hall, has again taken the challenge prize with his champion Irish wolfhound bitch Sheelah. Sheelah has now won ten firsts and four special prizes.

 Ch. Sheelah  Ch. Sheelah, bred by Graham, by Swaran II ex Moina, wh. 26th September 1882
So nearly seven years old at the K.C. Show in 1889


WESTERN DAILY PRESS - Thursday 25th June, 1891

Bristol Dog Show, Day 2
IRISH WOLFHOUNDS - Special Prizes - A special prize for the best Irish wolfhound dog in the show, Mr. J. Benyon's Fingal; a special prize for the best Irish wolfhound bitch in the show, Mr. G.E. Crisp's Zarah.


 LLOYD'S WEEKLY NEWSPAPER - Sunday 24 March, 1895
Champion Mask, of the Irish wolfhound breed, is the daughter of
Boru and Hecla, and was born on Nov. 21, 1886. Her sire had
Brian and Lufra for his parents, Brian being the offspring of
Swaran II and Clutha. Champion Mask was bred by Colonel
Garnier, R.E., and her owner is Mr. R. Hood Wright. In colour
she is of a dark brindle, and her physical excellence may be
guessed by the long list of prizes she has won, beginning with
first at Birmingham in 1888, and closing with the gold medal and
Challenge Cup at Dublin 1893. Besides these trophies the dog
has carried off seven other firsts and three seconds.
 Ch. Mask


THE FREEMAN'S JOURNAL- Wednesday, November 20th 1895

Yesterday the annual dog show under the auspices of the Irish Kennel Club took place in the Leinster Hall.
Irish Wolfhounds
One pound, presented by the Irish Wolfhound Club, to be awarded as added money, to the First Prize Irish Wolfhound Dog in Class 9. Won by Mr. John F. Baily
One pound, presented by the Irish Wolfhound Club, to be awarded as added money, to the First Prize Irish Wolfhound Bitch in Class 10. Won by Mrs. Gray, Beckfield House, Monaghan
Ten shillings, presented by the Irish Wolfhound Club, to be awarded as added money, to the Second Prize Irish Wolfhound Bitch in Class 10. Won by Mr. James Traynor, 2 Ormond Street, Liverpool.


GLOUCESTERSHIRE ECHO -Thursday 16th February 1899

Crufts Show, 1899 - The seven guinea bowl offered by the Northern Irish Wolfhound Club for the best bitch was secured by Mrs. Lane Jackson's Sportella, as well as the guinea given by the Irish Wolfhound Club.

 Sportella Sportella

The CHELTENHAM CHRONICLE of Saturday, February 18th 1899 noted:- "only two Irish wolfhound bitches were staged out of six entries, the premier award going to Mrs. Lane Jackson's Sportella (Finchley). There was also the best novice Miss Violet Miller's Ross Dhu '93. The seven guinea bowl offered by the Northern Irish Wolfhound Club for the best bitch was secured by Mrs. Lane Jackson's Sportella, as well as the guinea given by the Irish Wolfhound Club."


GLOUCESTERSHIRE ECHO - Saturday February 14th, 1903

Mrs. Percy Shewell's Irish wolfhounds have followed up their success at the last Kennel Club Show by winning everything they could at Crufts International Dog Show. Her puppy "Cotswold" caused quite a sensation, as in addition to winning first in both novice and puppy classes, he won the open championship as well as the hound international challenge bowl, which was competed for by the winners of all the sporting classes. The following are, as far as we can ascertain, the prizes won by Mrs. Shewell:- International challenge bowl, open championship, challenge prize certificate, first and third in open class, second in limit class, first in novice class, first and third in puppy class, in addition to the following specials: Silver challenge cup value £10. 10s., prize for the best dog in the open class, prize for the best dog in novice class, new century shield, international challenge plate for the best team, the Cruft novice special and the Cruft puppy special. Friday's "Morning Post" describes "Cotswold" as "Mrs. Shewell's magnificent Irish wolfhound, a novice who took all the prizes open to him."

 Cotswold  Mrs. Shewell's Cotswold


SHEFFIELD DAILY TELEGRAPH - Wednesday, October 19th 1904

THE KENNEL CLUB SHOW - A Record Exhibition (From a Special Correspondent) (by Private Wire)
The 49th show of the Kennel Club began yesterday, at the Crystal Palace, and will continue until Thursday evening. The entry, 5,240 in all, is a record, and no fewer than 1,740 dogs are benched. The greatest improvement is noticeable in that section apportioned to sporting dogs. Sandringham Lucy, the property of the King, is quite of the working type, being sound on her legs and feet, and good in body, and, although not quite so typical in head as the winner - Messrs. Tilley's Premier Queen - she is distinctly useful and was awarded a third prize in a very keen competition. Pointers, setters, and retrievers also formed strong classes, but greyhounds were somewhat disappointing, for there was no competition for Mr. Harding Cox's special prize offered for the best dog or bitch which had run in the Waterloo Cup.
There is a big lot of Irish wolfhounds, and a pleasant feature of the show was a presentation to Captain Graham, who is responsible for the present popularity of the breed, by the members of the Irish Wolfhound Club. Mrs. Shewell's Cotswold and Mr. Isaac Everett's Felixstowe Emo were the biggest winning exhibitors.


THE IRISH TIMES, 22nd May, 1914

The special prizes and the challenge cups were awarded yesterday at the Championship Dog Show of the Irish Kennel Club. A number of other adjudications also took place, and the proceedings at the Royal Dublin Society's premises at Ballsbridge attracted a large attendance, and were followed with the keenest interest. Several notable animals were introduced to the judges' notice in the course of the adjudication for the special prizes and the challenge cups. The sporting dogs made a very fine array. Other classes under observation also claimed attention. However, without detracting from the merits of other exhibits, it might certainly be mentioned that the Irish wolfhounds and the bulldogs almost completely monopolised attention.
Class 20 - Graduate Bitch - 1st prize - Mrs. J. McKelvie - Fodhla Maive; 2nd - Mrs. J. McKelvie - Fodhla Fedelina; 3rd - Mrs. J. Gray - BallyyourBoy.
Class 21 - Limit Bitch - 1st prize - Mrs. J. McKelvie - Fodhla Maive; 2nd - Mrs. J. McKelvie - Fodhla Fedelina; 3rd - Dr. & Mrs. Fisher - Lindley Brenda.
Class 22 - Open Bitch - 1st prize - Mrs. K. McKelvie - Fodhla Maive; 2nd - Dr. & Mrs. Fisher - Lindley Brenda; 3rd - Mr. Thos. W. Corcoran - Chevet Cassidy.
Class 23 - Brace - 1st prize - Mr. P.G. Shewell; reserved - The O'Mahony.
Class 24 - Team - 1st prize - Mrs. J. McKelvie.


Western Daily Press—Friday 8th June, 1923  
 Prize-takers at Bath Dog Show
(unfortunately no details of hounds or owners are given)
 bath show entries
 prize winners at Bath Show
 Winner at Bath Show



Ranelagh Club Dog Show
The Duchess of Newcastle, who makes a thoroughly businesslike Chairman, has been giving up much time to the organisation of the great Dog Show at Ranelagh Club, on May 19, in aid of Lord Haig's Fund. Although the expenses of such an undertaking are heavy, it is expected that a substantial sum will be raised, as many specialist clubs are giving the prize money for their respective breeds, or making donations. It is understood that the entry exceeds 5,200, which is far in advance of any previously accorded to a one-day show. Colonel Darell and the officers of the Irish Guards, who have an Irish wolfhound as mascot, are presenting a silver cup for that breed. Lord Lonsdale, who used to exhibit fox terriers many years ago, has agreed to judge deerhounds, and the Marquess of Ailesbury will take the bloodhounds. I am told that the Earl of Chesterfield and Baroness Burton have been assiduous in their attendance at Committee meetings.


THE COURIER - May 15th, 1925 
 Tunbridge Wells Canine Society Open Show, May 13th, 1925
 two winners
Miss P. Selkirk Wells with winning Irish wolfhounds
"Cuchulainn Lucifer" and "Culverden Doreena" 


SUSSEX EXPRESS - Friday March 11th, 1927

At the Brighton Dog Show on Wednesday, Viscount Gage was awarded a second card in the open dogs' class for his Irish wolfhound "Chulainn Dervish".

(Chulainn Dervish was bred by Mrs. D. Le B. Bennett & Capt. R.C. Hartland-Rowe, by Garrick ex Deborah, wh. March 25th, 1925. The Sussex Agricultural Express of Friday, December 11th, 1925 carried the following piece:-
On Tuesday at the Lewes Police Court, Viscount Gage of Firle Place, was summoned for keeping a dog without a licence. P.C. Leadbitter gave evidence that on the 16th November he called at Glyndebourne Farm, Glynde, where he saw an Irish wolfhound in charge of Mrs. Pannett. She said the dog belonged to Viscount Gage, and when witness saw his lordship he said he bought the dog when quite a puppy, put it out and forgot it when he came back after being abroad. The dog had never been actually in his possession, except for a few days. A fine of 7s 6d was imposed.")


YORKSHIRE EVENING POST, Tuesday 17th May, 1927

Patrick Maloney, newsagent of Southwark, a member of the Southwark Borough Council, was fined £10 at West London Police Court on a charge of stealing an Irish Wolfhound.
The animal, the property of Mrs. Massy, wife of the City Marshall, was stolen from the Ladies Kennel Association Show at Olympia. In default of paying the fine Maloney was ordered one month's hard labour.


DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH, Wednesday 4th September, 1929

 Photo taken at the Dundee Canine Club's show in the Drill Hall today shows (left) Miss Doyle, Broxburn
with her Irish wolfhound 11-months' old pup, and Miss Bouter, Edinburgh with her Yorkshire Terrier,
the largest and smallest dogs at the show. The Irish wolfhound is Dermot Asthore.
 Dermot Asthore


 Derby Daily Telegraph


Western Daily Press - Thursday 19 June 1930

 Dr. Fox's hounds
 Mike, Molly and Sheila, the Irish wolfhounds belonging to Dr. Fox and Mrs. E.T. Fox resting with their owners at the St. George's Dog Show
 [Note: Dr. Fox was registered as the owner of Malpas Michael (by King Bruidh of Ifold ex Malpas Beauty, br. Mr. F.E. Dawson, wh. February 8th, 1928); and of Malpas Oonah (by King Bruidh of Ifold ex Malpas Lucinda, br. Mr. F.E. Dawson, wh. March 1st, 1928); and of Maid of Coval (by Jan of Brabyns ex Duchess of Coval, br. Strohmenger, wh. August 18th, 1928)]


 GLOUCESTER CITIZEN — Friday 21 October 1932
 Gloucester show



WOLFHOUND CHAMPION - Winner of City of Bath Challenge Cup
A slim and lovely Irish wolfhound proved to be the champion dog in the show.
He took his success with an appearance of modesty, mingled with boredom.
The dignified dog is Ch. Cloghran of Ouborough, exhibited by Mr. James
Voase Rank, of Ouborough, Godstone, Surrey. The award is the City of
Bath Challenge Cup.
It is seldom that one of the big breeds of dog takes the premier award.
 Cloghran of Ouborough


ABERDEEN JOURNAL - Thursday 01 October 1936

 Mrs. Leith  Mrs. R.L. Leith, Tarland, with her Irish wolfhound "Corrie of Hopewell", at the
Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show at Edinburgh yesterday.
(Corrie of Hopewell was bred by Mrs. Leith, by Sulhamstead Ken ex Luath;
wh. October 22nd, 1935


GLOUCESTER CITIZEN - Thursday 06 May 1937


The West of England Ladies' Kennel Society Open Championship Show in Pittville Park, yesterday, opened with a world's record entry, and in the course of the day it beat two further records - those for attendance and car park receipts.
With glorious weather it was the most successful in the history of the Society. There was a huge crowd and some of the world's finest dogs.
Such was the task of dealing with the 5,607 entry, that judging went on through the day and well into the evening.
The Perpetual Challenge Cup for the best exhibit entered in the open variety classes, presented by the Cheltenham Town Council, was won by Mrs. F. Nagle, of Reading, with her Irish wolfhound Sulhamstead Kirma.
This dog also won the Committee Perpetual Challenge Cup for the best dog in breeds in which challenge certificates were not offered; the Prestbury Perpetual Trophy for the best bitch, presented by Mrs. Gerdiner; and the Challenge Trophy for the best sporting exhibit, presented by Mrs. D. Mitchell.

 Sulhamstead Kirma


DAILY RECORD AND MAIL - Thursday February 2nd, 1939 
 group of hounds
 Waiting to catch the judge's eye at the Scottish Kennel Club Show - four Irish wolfhounds entered by Mr. Kirkpatrick of Belfast



At the Canine Society's Big Breed Show at Olympia, London this Irish wolfhound apparently decided to pick his own prize

 reaching for a trophy


NORTHAMPTON MERCURY and HERALD, Friday 11th August, 1938

Mrs. Mullane with her Irish wolfhound, a prize-winner at Blisworth Show

 Mrs. Mullane  The dog is Sulhamstead Rick, bred by Mrs. F. Nagle, by Ch. Sulhamstead Fella ex Sulhamstead Rita, wh. February 27th, 1939

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