Pictures from Books, Sculptures, etc.

 Band and mascot of the Irish Guards The Band and mascot of the Irish Guards wearing the Shamrock on St. Patrick's Day
It is most probable that the mascot shown is Doran, who retired in 1924

 An illustration (by C.L. Doughty) from "War Dog" by Henry Treece, published by Hamlyn, showing the hero, Bran, lying over the body of his master, Gwyn, killed in the Roman invasion of England.  wolfhound lying on corpse

wolfhound standing on rock, howling   An illustration (by Edwin Megargee) from "Gone Wild" by J. Allen Dunne. The hound's name is Boru and the book was first published
in 1926.

 The frontispiece of "Gone Wild", showing a lovely, typical expression. In the book, below this picture, it reads: "In common with all Irish wolfhounds, Boru was a one-man dog", which is not, in fact, true of the breed as a whole. They are just people dogs.  wolfhound head

drawings of wolfhounds in a meadow   The inside cover picture of the 1927 edition of “Finn The Wolfhound” by A.J. Dawson. The illustrations are by R.H. Buxton.

Collie bitch with wolfhound pup   wolfhound & wolves running down hill
Finn with his foster mother   Finn with his wolfpack in Australia

model of hound  Model of Champion Clodagh, given as a trophy at the Irish Wolfhound Club Championship Show for the Best Head, Eyes, and Expression. 

The Graham Shield
Given as a trophy for the
Best in Show at the
Irish Wolfhound Club championship show. 
 silver shield with wolfhound head

bronze of man on horse with hounds   A bronze by Waagen of a hunter and what is supposed to be a dead wolf. This piece stands four feet high from the top of the plinth.

standing wolfhound   Coldcast bronze model of Irish wolfhound by James Osborne.

 Cold cast bronze model of
Irish wolfhound by James Osborne
 wolfhound lying down

cold cast models of two hounds  Models based on woodcuts by Phyllis Gardner. On the left Ch. O'Leary, on the right Ethne of Coolafin. 
(Actually Ethne of Coolafin was a bitch and the model is of a dog)

dollshouse miniatures
Lucy Maloney's miniature Irish wolfhound and child for a dollshouse

This gorgeous sculpture was done by Albert Power, R.H.A., a well-known Dublin Sculptor, and was made to adorn the base of a memorial to Liam Lynch, the rebel leader, which was erected on the Knockmealdown Mountains, County Tipperary, Eire. The sculpture was done in 1934.   Sculpture of wolfhound

tomb   tomb
 Irish wolfhounds on the tombs of members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Canine Fine Arts page on Irish wolfhound sculptures of dogs
Goldswift Caroline Sheppard's site for Goldswift Sighthound sculptures The Irish wolfhound page on the website of D.L. Engle, Animal Sculptor Lucy Maloney's site for her miniature dogs

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