Sulhamsteads Abroad

This page is mainly dedicated to all the Sulhamstead hounds which won so well in other countries and to Mrs. Nagle's judging appointments elsewhere in the world.

Mrs. Nagle judging in America   Mrs. Nagle judging at the 1959 IWCA Specialty
 Board of Governors
 Members of the IWCA governing committee pictured with Mrs. Nagle (white hat, 4th from right, front row) at the 1959 Specialty
Miss Newton Deakin is at the end of the row on the right, also wearing a hat

 Mrs. Groverman Ellis and Mrs. Nagle
Mrs. Groverman Ellis (Killybracken) and Mrs. Nagle
when Mrs. Nagle was presented,
on behalf of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America,
with a bronze figure of an Irish wolfhound
after Mrs. Nagle finished judging Irish wolfhounds
at the Maryland KC show, Baltimore on November 23rd, 1959 

1974 Specialty BoB
The 1974 IWCA Specialty -
Mrs. Nagle with her Best of Breed winner,

Wild Isle Warlock, and his owner Jill Bregy

Sulhamstead Flute
Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Flute of Kihone
by Ch. Killarney of Ouborough ex Ch. Sulhamstead Fiana,
BOB at the Irish Wolfhound Club of America Specialty in 1941 and 1942

Sulhamstead Felrose
Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Felrose of Riverlawn,
by Ch. Sanctuary Rory of Kihone
ex Sulhamstead Felcara,
born 14 May 1953,
and owned by Mrs. Frances van Brunt

Sulhamstead Matador   Sulhamstead Matador of Killybracken
 Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Matador winning the IWCA Show, 1960  Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Matador of Killybracken
Matador winning stud dog cup   Ch. Sulhamstead Matador
 Matador winning the Stud Dog Cup at the IWCA Specialty, 1960  Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Matador of Killybracken
   Matador was by Ch. Sulhamstead Fellus ex Ch. Sulhamstead Melba, and born August 26, 1956. He gained his championship on May 22nd, 1958, was the 156th Champion of A.K.C. Record,
won 9 BIS at all-breed shows, 30 Group Firsts, 15 Group Seconds, 4 Group Thirds and one Group Fourth. He was BOS at the IWCA Specialty, 1958 (aged 20 months), and BIS at the IWCA Specialty in 1960. He was not shown at the 1959 Specialty because the judge was Mrs. Nagle. He was retired from the show ring following his 1960 Specialty win. He sired six champions, and died in October, 1963.

Sulhamstead Mirza of Kihone   Miss F. Jeanette McGregor's Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Mirza of Kihone
(Ch. Sulhamstead Fellus ex
Ch. Sulhamstead Mona)
born Aug. 6, 1959

 Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Mars of Riverlawn
(Ch. Sulhamstead Fellus ex Ch. Sulhamstead Mona)
born Aug. 6, 1959
Sulhamstead Mars 
{Sulhamstead Mars of Riverlawn   Ch. Sulhamstead Mars of Riverlawn, Best in Show IWCA Specialty 1963, judge Miss Esther Croucher

Sulhamstead Martha, Reserve Winners Bitch at the IWCA Specialty 1962
Owned by Mrs. Peter Van Brunt (Riverlawn).
Born 10 September 1959 by Ch. Sulhamstead Fellus x Ch. Sulhamstead Mystic
Sulhamstead Martha

Sulhamstead Marion of Riverlawn  Sulhamstead Marion of Riverlawn
Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Marion of Riverlawn (by Ch. Sulhamstead Fellus ex Ch. Sulhamstead Melba) born Aug. 6, 1960, owner: Katherine A. O'Connell

Sulhamstead Marlene   Mrs. Messinger's Sulhamstead Marlene taking
Winners Bitch at the IWCA Specialty, 1966
(by Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex
Sulhamstead Mona)
born May 17, 1964

Sulhamstead Fred   Sulhamstead Fred
 Mary Jane Ellis with Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Fred of Killybracken
wh. 26 Apr 1971, by Sulhamstead Woodside Finn x Sulhamstead Melissa

Sulhamstead Minita Sulhamstead Minita
 Richard S. Staudt's Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Minita (born August 12, 1964 by Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight ex Ch. Sulhamstead Maria)
Lived to 13 years of age
 Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Minita winning the Brood Bitch Trophy at the 1969 IWCA Specialty.
Judge: Mary Jane Ellis

Sulhamstead Marda   Brig. Gen. Alfred W. DeQuoy
and Sulhamstead Marda, C.D.
(Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex
Ch. Sulhamstead Maria)
born Sept. 18, 1965.
Taking Reserve Winners Bitch at the 1967 IWCA Specialty.
Judge Kenneth W. Given

Sulhamstead Franco (litterbrother to Ch. Sulhamstead Fredina) in Canada. Owned by Christopher and Suzanne Murray. Sulhamstead Franco

Sulhamstead Monitor
Sulhamstead Monitor taking BoB at Great Barrington Kennel Club show, 1978(?)
(by Sulhamstead Mentor ex Ch. Sulhamstead Fredina)

The dogs in this next group were entirely of Sulhamstead breeding but not bred by Mrs. Nagle

Sulhamstead Samando Patrick
 Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Samando Patrick winning the
Stud Dog Trophy at the IWCA Specialty, 1966
Sulhamstead Samando Patrick
 Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Samando Patrick, C.D.
(by Ch. Sulhamstead Remus ex Sulhamstead Mona,
born January 6, 1962)
Owned by Brig. Gen. Alfred W. DeQuoy,
bred by Mrs. S.M. May
Samando Saraband 
 Am. Ch. Samando Saraband
(by Sulhamstead Maestro ex Sulhamstead Musette,
born March 10 1968 and bred by Mr. & Mrs. D.J.F. Leet)
Samando Tango 
 Am. Ch. Samando Tango, litter sister to Saraband
Both owned by Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Powers.

Sulhamstead Mole Sulhamstead Mole
by Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex Sulhamstead Myth,
born May 12th, 1966,
owned by Friedhelm Dutzi, Germany

SA Ch. Sulhamstead Monopoly
(by Sulhamstead Maestro ex Sulhamstead Myth)
Born March 23, 1968
owned by Douglas Kirkpatrick,
South Africa
Sulhamstead Monopoly

 Can. & Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Malice
winning BoB at the 1st Specialty of the
Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada, in 1972

(Malice was by Ch. Sulhamstead Match
ex Ch. Sulhamstead Modena, wh.
March 9th, 1969, and
owned by Mrs. William R. Morrison)
Judge Mary Jane Ellis
 1st Canadian Specialty 1972

 US Ch. Sulhamstead Monitor
By Sulhamstead Mentor ex Ch. Sulhamstead Fredina, wh. August 28th, 1974
Sulhamstead Monitor

The following advertisement was taken in the OUR DOGS Christmas Number, 1966:-
(I have done an approximation of the original rather than scan in the advertisement itself, because of the time it would take to download a picture of this size)

Sulhamstead Maximum The property of

Mrs. F. Nagle


Miss M. Clark
Sulhamstead Maestro
SULHAMSTEAD MAXIMUM, by Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex
Sulhamstead Mona, winner of CC and Best of Breed at the
Hound Show
SULHAMSTEAD MAESTRO, by Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex
Ch. Sulhamstead Merle, at 7 months
The Sulhamstead Kennel has suffered a heavy loss in the death
of Ch. Sulhamstead Max, a sire who has made his mark in
England, Europe and America and whose progeny are famous
for their powerful hindquarters and high head carriage. His last
puppies from Ch. Sulhamstead Maria and Ch. Sulhamstead Merle
Reserve Best in Show at the Guildford Open Show. Sulhamstead
Maximum won his Breed Class and was Reserve Best in Show at
Henley; won the Dog C.C. and Best in Breed Hound Ch. Show and was Reserve C.C. at Edinburgh Ch. Show.
Sulhamstead Mogul by Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight ex Ch. S.
will, I think, add to his reputation.
Sulhamstead Match has already been Best
of Breed and Reserve Best Hound in the
Group, Southampton Open Show, at 10
months old and followed that up by win-
ning his Breed Class and the Any Variety
Puppy Class at the Hound Ch. Show.
Latest news, he won the Dog C.C., Irish
Guards Shield, Type Cup and Brabyns
Cup, L.K.A. Ch. Show at 13 months old.
His sisters, Melissa won her two classes
at L.K.A., Marta won two Variety Classes
at Beckenham Open Show and one in the
U.S.A. has obtained her C.D. qualification
and won a point towards her title.
Another young hound by Max, Sulham-
stead Moke, has done a lot of winning in
Variety Classes and was Best of Breed,
won all his Variety Classes and was
Ch. Sulhamstead Merle

Sulhamstead Merman ex Ch. Sulhamstead
Mirth, winner of 7 C.C.s. Latest C.C.
and Best of Breed, L.K.A.,also the
Hound Group

Maria, won the Dog C.C. and Best of Breed
at Blackpool Ch. Show but I am afraid his
career will be cut short due to the after
effects of the car crash he was in last year.
Ch. Sulhamstead Merle has won 7 C.C.s
and on Nov. 2 at the L.K.A. Ch. Show won
the Bitch C.C., Best of Breed Graham Shield
and the Hound Group and is the dam of
some very promising puppies who will
make their debut later.
Proof of the all-round high quality hounds
in this kennel is that the seven hounds
shown at the L.K.A. Ch. Show, which is
also the club show of the Irish Wolfhound
Club, won all their classes, the Dog C.C.
and Reserve C.C. and the Bitch C.C.
Needless to say the condition of these
hounds is a great credit to the staff of the
Sulhamstead kennel. (Florence Nagle)
Sulhamstead Match Westerlands,

Graffham 220

Photos, C.M. Cooke
Sulhamstead Mogul
SULHAMSTEAD MATCH, by Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex Ch.
Sulhamstead Maria, taken at 10 months old. Winner of Dog
C.C. at L.K.A. at 13 months old
SULHAMSTEAD MOGUL, by Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight
ex Ch. Sulhamstead Maria, winner of C.C., Best of Breed,
Blackpool Ch. Show

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