Sulhamstead 1963-1969

In 1963, for the third consecutive year, Merman took the CC and BoB at Crufts. His daughter, Mapleton Mermaid, owned by Bill Marriott and Tom Fidler, won the bitch CC. Mermaid was out of Sulhamstead Mafra, who was out of Sulhamstead Melba. Both Reserve CCs went to Sulhamsteads - Romulus and Ch. Mystic.

Sulhamstead Romulus 
 Ch. Sulhamstead Romulus, by
Ch Sulhamstead Remus x Ch Sulhamstead
Mirth, born June 11, 1961
 Sulhamstead Romulus

Mrs. Nagle was at this time living at Westerlands, near Petworth.

Sulhamstead Myth was also by Ch. Sulhamstead Remus ex Ch. Sulhamstead Myth. She was the dam of Mole (sent to France) and Monopoly.

Sulhamstead Myth 
 Sulhamstead Myth

In 1963 Mystic died of bloat. Chs. Sulhamstead Freda and Sulhamstead Mirth also died that year, but there were several promising youngsters to ease the losses, including Marvel and Merle, both out of Ch. Mirth but Marvel by Remus and Merle by Merman.

 Ch. Sulhamstead Merle  Ch. Sulhamstead Merle, born May 4, 1963

Sulhamstead Mac won well as a puppy and was then sold to Mrs. Groverman Ellis of the Killybracken Kennels in America, where he gained his championship in only fifteen days.

 Sulhamstead Mac Sulhamstead Mac
 Am. Ch. Sulhamstead Mac of Killybracken (Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex Ch. Sulhamstead Mona) born Aug. 28, 1962; as a youngster at home (left) and winning in the U.S.A (right) 

In 1964 Melba died. In her first litter (by Sulhamstead Fellus) she produced Ch. Sulhamstead Marco, Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Matador of Killybracken, Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Marion of Riverlawn, and Int. Ch. Sulhamstead Meld. In her second litter (by Sulhamstead Sedlestan Rebel) she produced Ch. Sulhamstead Mystic (dam of Max), Am.Ch. Sulhamstead Martha and Sulhamstead Mona. In her third litter (by Rebel) she produced Ch. Sulhamstead Merman, and Sulhamstead Mercury, BIS in Montevideo.

 Sulhamstead Melba  Sulhamstead Melba
Ch. Sulhamstead Melba

On 9th September, 1963, Mona (Melba's daughter by Sulhamstead Sedlestan Rebel) had a litter by Ch. Sulhamstead Max, from which came Sulhamstead Maximum

 Sulhamstead Maximum Sulhamstead Maximum 

At Crufts, 1964, Romulus (Ch. Sulhamstead Remus ex Ch. Sulhamstead Mirth) won BoB and his sister Maria won the bitch CC, which was her second. Maria gained her championship at WELKS the same year, while Romulus took BoB and Reserve Best Hound.

Sulhamstead Maria   Sulhamstead Maria
Ch. Sulhamstead Maria   

On August 12th, 1964 Ch. Maria had a litter by Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight, from which came Sulhamstead Mogul.

 Ch. Sulhamstead Mogul
 Ch. Sulhamstead Mogul (in 1968)

Also in 1964 Merman died. He was under six years of age. At the LKA Max took Best of Breed from the veteran class and was pulled out in the final few in the Hound Group. Marvel and Merle won the Reserve CCs.

 Sulhamstead Marvel  Sulhamstead Merle
Ch. Sulhamstead Marvel   Ch. Sulhamstead Merle

At Crufts, 1965, Marvel took BoB, which was the eighth Sulhamstead BoB at this show in nine years - the one at which they did not win was the one Mrs. Nagle judged. Ch. Sulhamstead Maria won the bitch CC. Marvel gained his championship at the Hound Show, where he also went BIS. Merle won the bitch CC and Maigret won the Reserve dog CC and won the AV Open Stakes and Special Breeders class.

 Sulhamstead Maigret Sulhamstead Maigret 

At WELKS, 1965 Merle won her second CC. She won her third at Blackpool under Mrs. Elsie James and two more the same year.

 WELKS, 1965
 WELKS, 1965 - Margaret Harrison with BoB Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight, Judge Bill Siggers, Mrs. Nagle with Sulhamstead Merle

However, later that summer, Mrs. Nagle had a car accident on her way to Southampton show. She was travelling with Miss Newton Deakin, with whom she was in partnership with the gundogs, and her kennel man, and several hounds, Maigret being one. Maigret was found later in fifteen feet of water. He appeared to be unharmed but was never the same again and died a year later. Mogul was also in the accident but he did seem unaffected and won the Reserve dog CC at the Club Show/LKA that year, at which Merle took the bitch CC. In 1968 Mogul became a champion but died later that year. He was by Ch. Sanctuary Brave Knight ex Ch. Sulhamstead Maria.

Sulhamstead Mogul Sulhamstead Mogul
Ch. Sulhamstead Mogul

Another son of Maria was Sulhamstead Match, who first appeared in the show ring in 1966. He won his first BoB as a puppy at Southampton and went on to Reserve in the Hound Group. He won the Puppy Stakes at the Houndshow and his first CC at the Club Show/LKA the same year. At this show, Merle won the bitch CC and BoB, and Marvel the Reserve dog CC.

Sulhamstead Match  Sulhamstead Match
Sulhamstead Match as a puppy

Sadly in 1966 Max died from an adder bite. His effect on the breed had been enormous and possibly even greater than Conncara's. Among his champion progeny were Eaglescrag Clonroe of Nendrum, Sulhamstead Morna of Eaglescrag, Clindhu of Eaglescrag, and, of course, Match. Many of his progeny went on to make their mark on the breed as sires or dams, including Maestro, who was not a champion. Remus, too, died. He was the sire of Chs. Marvel, Maria, Romulus, and Mrs. Jenkins' Ch. Moira of Eaglescrag.

 Sulhamstead Maestro Sulhamstead Maestro (born July 27th, 1966 by Ch. Sulhamstead Max ex Ch. Sulhamstead Merle) 

Although Maestro did not gain his championship, he did prove himself as a sire.

In 1967 Match won BoB at Crufts. He gained his championship that year and was Reserve BIS at the Houndshow. It was in 1967 that Marion Clark retired from the partnership.

Ch. Sulhamstead Match   Ch. Sulhamstead Match
Ch. Sulhamstead Match

In 1968 Sulhamstead Morna of Eaglescrag (by Max ex Sarah of Eaglescrag) gained her championship, and Magnum (Sulhamstead Maestro ex Ch. Sulhamstead Maria) won the Reserve CC at WELKS at ten months, and Reserve Best in Show at Henley Open Show the same year.

 Ch. Sulhamstead Morna of Eaglescrag  Sulhamstead Morna of Eaglescrag

In 1969 Match won BoB at Crufts and was Reserve in the Hound Group. Magnum won four CCs during the year. Sadly Ch. Maria died. She was the dam of Chs. Sulhamstead Match, Mogul, and Magnum.

Sulhamstead Magnum   Sulhamstead Magnum
Sulhamstead Magnum as a youngster   Magnum winning at the LKA, 1972

Match became the breed CC record holder with 16 CCs. When he won his final CC at the Hound Association in 1971, there were 13 CCs for the breed annually.

Sulhamstead Match   Ch. Sulhamstead Match
Ch. Sulhamstead Match Ch. Sulhamstead Match
Match with the Graham Shield  Match having a gallop

September 8th, 1969 Ch. Sulhamstead Modena had a litter by Match, from which came Sulhamstead Muffet, who was also to become a champion.

Sulhamstead Muffet   Ch. Sulhamstead Muffet
(by Ch. Sulhamstead Match ex
Ch. Sulhamstead Modena)

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