Irish Wolfhound History

Early Shows, 1911 to 1914

Birmingham National Dog Show, 18th & 19th January, 1911 - Judge not known
Irish Wolfhounds - Limit Dogs: Felixstowe Gweebarra won; a big dog with a deep brisket, rare bone, legs and feet, a good coat and a nice quality head, fair eyes. Lindley Mike, second; a big dog, capital coat and body, a bit coarse in head. Con Boroimhe, third, while having a long head is inclined to the Deerhound type; a good-bodied one, with fair coat, good legs and feet. Ivo O'Neill fails a little in front, deep chest and good loin, nice quality head. In Open, Ch. Felixstowe Kilronan won; a quality Hound, and in rare form. Second to Ivo Dennis, a big dog with plenty of bone and good quarters; he is rather big in ears, and not quite the quality in head of the winner; he won the Probation class from Felixstowe Erriss, who is rather small in head, and not so good in ears; rare body, coat, and bone. Ivo Tirloch, good head, legs, and feet, but a little light in condition. Limit Bitches: Ivo Dinah won; a good-bodied one, capital quarters and good coat, a nice headed bitch. Second, repeat. Kathleen Bawn, third, rather short in foreface and light in eye; good body and coat. Ch. Cotswold Patricia won the Open Bitches from her kennel companion, Ch. Dhudisan (should read Dhudesa); both in the pink. Ivo Moreen came third, capital size and bone; at present rather short of coat. Major Shewell won both Brace and Team, also both challenge prizes.

Placings - Dogs - Limit: 1 I W Everett, Felixstowe Gweebarra; 2 Dr and Mrs H R Fisher, Lindley Mike; 3 T W Corcoran, Con Boroimhe; r T Hamilton Adams, Ivo O'Neill; vhc Miss G A Waterhouse. Open: 1 Major Shewell, Ch Felixstowe Kilronan; 2 T Hamilton Adams, Ivo Dennis; 3 F Gweebarra; r L Mike; vhc T W Corcoran. D or B - Probation: 1 and 3 T Hamilton Adams, Ivo Dennis and Ivo Tirloch; 2 I W Everett, Felixstowe Erriss; r L Mike. Bitches - Limit: 1 T Hamilton Adams, Ivo Dinah; 2 F Erriss; 3 C E Donnelly, Kathleen Bawn. Open: 1 and 2 Major Shewell, Ch Cotswold Patricia and Ch Dhudesa; 3 T Hamilton Adams, Ivo Moreen; r F Erriss; vhc C E Donnelly. Brace: Major and Mrs P Shewell. Team: 1 Major and Mrs P Shewell; r T Hamilton Adams

: Class 64 - Limit - Dogs First prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
147 - Mr. J.Wm. Everett. Felixstowe Gweebarra. b. May 12, 1909. Br. Exhibitor. By Leinster - Champion Lufra Rhu. Also class 65.
148 - Mr. Thomas Wm. Corcoran. Con Boroimhe. b. October 26, 1906. Br. Mr. J.T. Dobbin. By Mall Born - Slainte. Also class 65.
149 - Dr. & Mrs. H.R. Fisher. Lindley Mike. b. May 7, 1908. Br. Mrs. Marshall. By Leinster - Champion Lufra Rhu. Price £40. Also classes 65 and 66.
150 - Miss Gertrude A. Waterhouse. St. Wohran of Clones. b. April 5, 1907. Br. Mr. Kennedy. By Barney - Shelah
151 - Mr. T. Hamilton Adams. Ivo O'Neill, b. April 27, 1908. Br. Exhibitor. By Wickham Lavengro - Ivo Bridget.

Class 65 - Open - Dogs First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
(147) - Mr. J. Wm. Everett. Felixstowe Gweebarra.
(148) - Mr. Thomas Wm. Corcoran. Con Boroimhe.
(149) - Dr. and Mrs. H.R. Fisher. Lindley Mike.
152 - Major Shewell. Champion Felixstowe Kilronan. b. July 27, 1907. Br. Mr. Spooner. By Champion Cotswold - Felixstowe Dromore. Price £3,500.
153 - Mr. T. Hamilton Adams. Ivo Dennis. b. April 23, 1909. Br. Exhibitor. By Aughrim - Ivo Drogheda. Also class 66.

Class 66 - Probation - Dogs or Bitches First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
(149) - Dr. and Mrs. H.R. Fisher. Lindley Mike.
(153) - Mr. T. Hamilton Adams. Ivo Dennis
154 - Mr. J. Wm. Everett. Felixstowe Erriss. b April 15, 1907. Br. Exhibitor. By Felixstowe Sheeliss - Felixstowe Esperance. Also classes 67 and 68.

Class 67 - Limit - Bitches. First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third prize 10s.
(154) - Mr. J. Wm. Everett. Felixstowe Erriss.
156 - Mr. T. Hamilton Adams. Ivo Dinah. b. April 23, 1909. Br. Exhibitor. By Aughrim - Ivo Drogheda.
157 - Mr. C.E. Donnelly. Kathleen Bawn. b. April 8, 1908. Br. Mr. Casson. By Loris - Cinderella. Also class 68.

Class 68 - Open - Bitches. First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
(154) - Mr. J. Wm. Everett. Felixstowe Erriss.
(157) Mr. C.E. Donnelly. Kathleen Bawn.
158 - Major Shewell. Champion Dhudisan. b. July 8, 1902. Br. Captain Howard. By Connaught - Nuala. Price £1,500.
(The name should be Ch. Dhudesa)
159 - Major Shewell. Champion Cotswold Patricia. b. January 24, 1904. Br. Mrs. Shewell. By Wolfe Tone - Princess Patricia of Connaught. Price £3,000.
160 - Mr. T. Hamilton Adams. Ivo Moreen. b. May 5, 1908. Br. Exhibitor. By Aughrim - Ivo Eileen.

Class 69 - Brace Prize, Special No. 9
Mr. Thos. Hamilton Adam's Brace.
Major and Mrs. P. Shewell's Brace

Class 70 - Team. Prize, Special No. 10.
Major and Mrs. P. Shewell's Team
Mr. T. Hamilton Adams' Team.

Challenge Prize Certificate - for best Irish Wolfhound Dog
Challenge Prize Certificate - for best Irish Wolfhound Bitch.

Ch. Dhudesa   Ch. Dhudesa

Crufts Dog Show, February 8th, 9th & 10th, 1911 - Judge Mr. Theo Marples, F.Z.S

Irish Wolfhounds - Open Dogs: Ch Felixstowe Kilronan won; he is a tall specimen, good head, front, and type. Second, Marquis, A1 head and front, sound all through, lost in size. Third, Felixstowe Gweebarra, plenty of size, excellent body and timber; pity he has not more power before eyes. Reserve, Ivo Dennis; straight in stifles, nice head and bone. Novice: Ivo Tirloch won; his front, shape, and character are all good. Second, Lindley Mike, coarse headed, immense bone, and coat handles well. Bitches: Ch. Dhudesa landed the red; a fine bitch, as is her kennel companion, Ch. Cotswold Patricia. Second, Chalfont Garetha, a beautiful type, good head, coat is sound, but light in body. Ivo Moreen runs plain headed, good body and movement. Limit: Reserve, Ivo Dinah, A1 front, body, and style.

Placings - Open: 1 Mrs. Shewell, Ch. Felixstowe Kilronan; 2 Mrs. G. Waterhouse, Marquis; 3 Everett, Felixstowe Gweebarra; r Adams, Ivo Dennis. Limit: 1 Marquis; 2 F Gweebarra; 3 Ivo D. Novice: 1 Adams, Ivo Tirloch; 2 Dr and Mrs Fisher, Lindley Mike. Bitches: 1 and 3 Major and Mrs Shewell, Ch Dhudesa and Ch Cotswold Patricia; 2 F Purchase, Chalfont Garetha; r Everett, F Erriss; vhc Everett; hc Palmer. Limit: 1 Ch Garetha; 2 and r Ivo Moreen and I Dinah; 3 F Erriss; vhc Palmer. Novice: 1 F Erriss. Brace and Team: 1 Major and Mrs Shewell; r Adams.

233 Silver Challenge Cup. value 10 guineas, for best Dog which has not won a Challenge Prize (or Championship) on or before February 8th, 1911. To be won three times (not necessarily in succession) before becoming the property of the holder.
234 Silver Challenge Cup. value 10 guineas, for best Bitch. Same conditions. The Irish Wolfhound Club offers the above Two Specials confined to its Members.
235 Century Shield, for best Dog in Open and Limit Classes.
236 Century Shield, for best Bitch in Open and Limit Classes.
237 The International Challenge Plate for best Brace
238 The International Challenge Plate for best Team
Challenge Prize, Certificate for best Dog.
Challenge Prize, Certificate for best Bitch

First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
213 Major & Mrs. Shewell. Ch Felixstowe Kilronan. Born July 27, 07. Breeder: Mr. Spooner. By Ch. Cotswold - Felixstowe Dromore. Price £300.
214 Miss G. Waterhouse. Marquis. Born April 19, 06. Breeder: Miss H. Stoneham. By Wickham Lavengus (should read Wickham Lavengro) - Gratis.
215 Mr. Everett. Felixstowe Gweebarra. Born May 12, 09. Breeder: Owner. By Leinster - Ch. Lufra Rhu.
216 Mr. Adams. Ivo Dennis. Born April 23, 09. Breeder: Exhibitor. By Aughrim - Ivo Drogheda.

First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
(214) Miss G. Waterhouse. Marquis. Class 70.
(215) Mr. Everett. Felixstowe Gweebarra. Class 70.
(216) Mr. Adams. Ivo Dennis. Class 70.

First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
217 Mr. A.Roberts. Mick. Born April 23, 07. Breeder: Mr. F. Newton Moore. By Ch. Gareth - Shannon.
218 Dr. and Mrs. Fisher. Lindley Mike. Born May 7, 08. Breeder: Mrs. Marshal. By Leinster - Ch. Lufra Rhu.
219 Mr. Adams. Ivo Tirloch. Born April 23, 09. Breeder: Exhibitor. By Aughrim - Ivo Drogheda.

First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
220 Major and Mrs. Shewell. Ch. Cotswold Patricia. Born Mar. 24, 04. Breeder: Exhibitor. By Wolfe Tone - Princess Patricia of Connaught. Price £200.
221 Major and Mrs. Shewell. Ch. Dhudesa. Born July 8, 02. Breeder: Capt. Howard. By Connaught - Nuala. Price £100
222 Mr. F. Purchase. Chalfont Garetha. Born Nov. 24, 06. Breeder: Mrs. Northey. By Ch. Gareth - Chelma.
223 Mr. Palmer. Hibernia. Born April 5, 07. Breeder: Mr. Kennedy. By Barney - Shelagh.
224 Mr. Everett. Felixstowe Erriss. Born April 15, 07. Breeder: Owner. By Felixstowe Sheelin - Felixstowe Esperance.
225 Mr. Adams. Ivo Moreen. Born May 5, 08. Breeder: Exhibitor. By Aughrim - Ivo Eileen.

First Prize £2. Second Prize £1. Third Prize 10s.
226 Mr. Adams. Ivo Dinah. Born Apr. 23, 09. Breeder: Owner. By Aughrim - Drogheda.
(222) Mr. F. Purchase. Chalfont Garetha. Class 73.
(223) Mr. Palmer. Hibernia. Class 73. (224) Mr. Everett. Felixstowe Erriss. Class 73.

Prize, Century Shield.
(216) Mr. Adams. Ivo Dennis. Class 70
(219) Mr. Adams. Ivo Tirloch. Class 71.
(213) Major & Mrs. Shewell. Ch. Felixstowe Kilronan.
(220) Major & Mrs. Shewell. Ch. Cotswold Patricia.

Prize, Century Shield.
(213) Major & Mrs. Shewell. Ch. Felixstowe Kilronan
(220) Major & Mrs. Shewell. Ch. Cotswold Patricia.
(221) Major & Mrs. Shewell. Ch. Dhudesa. Class 73.
(216) Mr. Adams. Ivo Dennis. Class 70
(219) Mr. Adams. Ivo Tirloch. Class 72.
(225) Mr. Adams. Ivo Moreen. Class 73.
(226) Mr. Adams. Ivo Dinah. Class 74.

Hibernia   Hibernia
Ivo Dennis Ivo Dennis

At the Kennel Club Show in October, 1911, John F. Baily was again judge, with a record entry: "Novice Dog or Bitch - 1st, Donegal; this is really a wonderful dog in many ways; his height is quite phenomenal, about 37 ½ ins. at the shoulder; the tallest dog I have ever measured or seen, I think; his head is very good, being long and strong, quite massive enough, well covered with hair, which gives character, and his ears are well carried; he lacks girth for so big a dog; his shoulders are too upright, while his ankles seem rather straight, which makes his fore action appear stilty; when he lets down - he's not much more than a puppy - and thickens out as he should and as I trust he will, he will make a very fine specimen. 2nd, Cotswold Finn, lacks the great size and pleasing head of the winner; he is, however, a better balanced dog, and has plenty of bone, substance, and coat. 3rd, I thought undersized and deficient in character. Junior Dogs - 1st, King Offa, a tall, upstanding dog, fawn in colour, with straight limbs and good action; he is deficient in substance all through and could do with more coat; he possesses that indefinable quality called style, which always catches the eye. 2nd, Cathal Bawn, a litter brother to Cotswold Finn, and very similar to him in every way; he is, I think, truer in front. 3rd, Donegal. Graduate Dogs - Practically a repeat. Limit - 1st, King Offa, 2nd, Donegal, 3rd, Ivo Dennis; a nice correct dog, but he was overshadowed by the other two. Open Dogs - The contest really lay between Champion Felixstowe Gweebarra and Champion Felixstowe Kilronan, and I went over them as carefully as I could, and to the best of my ability; they are different types in a sense, one being very massive and the other somewhat on the light side; there can be no doubt Gweebarra is a grand-bodied dog of great power; his ribs are well sprung and well let down, while his back and loins denote strength and stamina; he is spoiled by his head, which for a dog of his size is short and weak, and his ear carriage is bad. Kilronan beats him in height at shoulder, length and strength of head, and undoubtedly in style, but it was the action that decided the question as the younger dog moved much the better.

 Donegal  Donegal
Felixstowe Gweebarra   Felixstowe Kilronan
 Felixstowe Gweebarra  Felixstowe Kilronan

The bitches in Graduate and Junior classes were far too light and one is inclined to be rather doubtful of their ever breeding Wolfhounds of the required power. In Limit, a really first-class bitch, Ivo Dinah, 1st, came out; she is a beautiful bodied bitch, with plenty of size, substance and length, a coat harsh and wiry, a strong and powerful head, whilst her limbs are capital. 2nd, Cathleen Bawn, another good stamp of bitch, with size and substance and plenty of coat; her head appeared to me somewhat small for her size; without doubt her skull is not massive enough. 3rd, Creoda, is light and Deerhoundy. Open Bitches - 1st, Ivo Dinah. 2nd, Champion Cotswold Patricia, shows age; alas, such things must be; at her best she would have been the best Wolfhound in the show. 3rd, Cathleen Bawn. These three bitches are Wolfhounds. Champion Felixstowe Gweebarra got the Dog Championship and the "Graham" Challenge Shield. Ivo Dinah, the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve for the Shield. Major and Mrs. Shewell got the Brace and Team; Kilronan the Stud Dog Cup; and Froma the one for bitches.

Considering the material there was some years ago, there should have been a greater uniformity amongst the dogs shown. It seems an intelligent use could not have been made of it. During the lifetime of Capt. Graham, I rather fancy breeders took his advice, now they are striking out for themselves, with the result as shown. A judge can only make the most of what comes before him, and breeders are responsible for the type, as they alone produce it. As this word type still rings in my ears, and as this is not the place for a dissertation on it, a reference to Millais' "The Theory and Practice of Rational Breeding," page 14, where the best definition of it is to be found, may not be out of place. One thing is certain, as can be proved by consulting the Hatfield House MSS, Gabalcone's Memoirs and the Calendars of Irish State Papers, the demand for this dog during the 16th and 17th centuries, as a Boarhound, on the Continent, was extraordinary. They should be "guaranteed fair and fierce for the wild boar", were the words generally used, and it is impossible to imagine a dog of very light frame being of any use for such a purpose. I must apologise for not being more generous with my commendation cards, which, in the confusion inseparable from a judging ring, I omitted to put on my award slips. My best thanks are freely given to those exhibitors who gave me such an entry, and to my ring steward, without whose assistance I could never have got through the work."

Crystal Palace, Oct. 26 1911 - Judge not known

Irish Wolfhounds - Novice: Donegal led; a tremendous hound, but light in eye and plain in skull; his outline, coat, movement, and feet are all A1. Second, Cotswold Finn, a rattling-bodied specimen; capital foreface, whilst his front is straight. Ivo Timothy, third, has ample size, but soft-coated. Thomond, reserve; shapely, and shows character. Dogs - Junior: King Offa led; he wanted to carry more flesh, and feet are just moderate; in front, neck, and shoulders he is very good. Second, Cathal Bawn; his eyes are awfully light, and head lacks quality; capital outline and size. Graduate were all old faces. Limit: The new-comer, Wyck, was reserve; fairly sound on his pins. Open: Ch. Felixstowe Gweebarra, a fine hound in every way; front as true as possible, capital bone, body, and stern. Second, Ch. Felixstowe Kilronan; a dog well known to the fancy, and of the best type. King Offa, third; capital head properties, more ribs would not be amiss, good coat, and excellent bone. Bitches - Junior: Creoda, first, is tall, head on right lines, and built for going. Second, Lindley Biddy; capital coat, fairly good head, good girth of chest. Wyck Tara; shown light, but a rare type. Graduate: The one to notice here is Sheilagh Bawn, a nicely balanced one. Limit: Ivo Dinah; her shoulders are loaded, but body particularly good; coat, head, and quarters of the best. Cathleen Bawn, second; long and thin feet, first-rate head properties, but too long in back for our liking. Felixstowe Erriss; good build, nice size and style. Open: Ch. Cotswold Patricia, a fine type of bitch; well known. Mr. Everett won Brace, and Major and Mrs. Shewell the Team.

List of winners: Novice - D or B: 1 C.E. Palmer, Donegal; 2 Major and Mrs. Shewell, Cotswold Finn; 3 T. Hamilton-Adams, Ivo Timothy; r C. Holt, Thomond; vhc Mrs. Trethewy. Junior - Dogs: 1 H. Pemberton, King Offa; 2 C.E. Donnelly, Cathal Bawn; 3 Donegal; r C. Finn; hc C. Holt. Graduate: 1 C. Bawn; 2 Donegal; 3 C. Finn; r I Timothy. Limit: 1 King O; 2 Donegal; 3 T Hamilton-Adams, Ivo Dennis; r Mrs. Trethewy, Wyck. Open: 1 I.W. Everett, Ch. Felixstowe Gweebarra; 2 Major and Mrs. Shewell, Ch. Felixstowe Kilronan; 3 King O; r Donegal. Bitches - Junior: 1 H. Pemberton, Creoda; 2 S. Lee, Lindley Biddy; 3 T Hamilton-Adams, Ivo Moira; r Mrs. Trethewy, Wyck Tara; vhc Rev. F.O. Sutton. Graduate: 1 Ivo M; 2 W. Tara; 3 Rev. F.O. Sutton, Sheilagh Bawn. Limit: 1 T. Hamilton-Adams, Ivo Dinah; 2 C.E. Donnelly, Cathleen Bawn; 3 Creoda; r I.W. Everett, Felixstowe Erriss; vhc F.W. Purchase. Open: 1 Ivo D; 2 Major and Mrs. Shewell, Ch. Cotswold Patricia; 3 C Bawn; r Creoda; vhc I.W. Everett.

At the Kennel Club Show in October, 1912, Major Percy Shewell of the Cotswold Kennel officiated: "I was very pleased to see such an excellent show of promising youngsters, the best I have seen for many a day, and I am glad to see that the type generally is becoming more stabilised, and that unsoundness appears to be a thing of the past. I made the following awards:- Novice Class, Dogs and Bitches - Felixstowe Gelert won easily, a grand young dog with plenty of size, substance, and bone, good strong head with well-carried ears, and though a heavy dog, he shows plenty of quality. If there is a fault to find with him, it is that he might cover a little more ground, also he might be better on his fore pasterns, though I am sure these will improve with time and exercise. He is at present only 14 months old, and a marvellous grown dog for his age. I am glad to see such a promising youngster coming on; he ran right through his classes, and won both the Dog Challenge Certificate and the Graham Shield for the best Irish Wolfhound in the Show. Ivo Shane was 2nd, another fine young dog, teeming with quality, well grown and with lots of bone, good quality coat and lots of it, is not such an imposing dog as the winner; should do well. Ivo Ethena was 3rd, a very taking young bitch, a litter sister of Ivo Shane. She covers a lot of ground, has a nice coat, and plenty of it, is as sound as a bell, has beautiful legs and feet, and one of the most promising young bitches I have seen for a long time. She is a typical Irish Wolfhound. At present she is somewhat lacking in chest girth, but age should improve this. She is just 13 months old. Her eyes are distinctly on the light side, but perfection is unobtainable. Junior Class, Dogs - Felixstowe Gelert again 1st. Ivo Shane again 2nd. Gavin of Braewood was 3rd, a nice upstanding dog, without many faults, and it was bad luck for him coming across two such good dogs as the ones placed 1st and 2nd Graduate Dogs - Repeat of the Junior Class. Limit Dogs - Felixstowe Gelert, 1st. King Offa was 2nd, a nice upstanding dog, full of quality but on the light side. He might have been shown in better condition. Ivo Shane, 3rd. Open Dogs - Felixstowe Gelert, 1st. King Offa, 2nd. Champion Felixstowe Kilronan, 3rd. I consider this dog the most typical Irish Wolfhound in the Show. He has a grand head, bone and coat, lots of size and full of quality, and quite as heavy as necessary. His action is one of his few faults, and this is none too good; it is due, I believe, to an injury received in the train when a puppy. Like the writer, he shows signs of Anno Domini. He again won the cup for the best Stud Dog, thus proving his value as a sire, and showing the good he has done, and is doing, to the breed.

 Felixstowe Gelert Felixstowe Gelert 

Junior Class, Bitches - Ivo Ethena was 1st. She has already been described under Novice Class, Dogs or Bitches. Ivo Feldath was 2nd, a litter sister of the above, a nice bitch, but not in the same class as the winner. Wykemark Wonder was 3rd, a nice useful bitch, but somewhat wanting in bone and substance. If properly mated should breed good whelps. Graduate Class, Bitches - Ivo Ethena was 1st. Ivo Feldath was 2nd, repeats of the last class. Limit Class, Bitches - Felixstowe Kilrush was 1st, a good bitch, with grand bone and substance, and a rare type to breed from, with capital limbs, somewhat wanting in quality, but otherwise there is not much to find fault in her, though not nearly as typical as Ivo Ethena. Ivo Ethena was 2nd. Daphne of Kidnal was 3rd, a nice bitch, but on the light side, and did not do herself justice in the ring, but even if she had, she would not have passed the two above her. Open Class, Bitches - Champion Ivo Dinah was 1st, and won the Bitch Challenge Certificate, an undeniably good bitch, with capital body, legs and coat. She combines substance and quality, a real good sort, and one hard to find, should be very useful to the breed. Brace and Team - Mr. J.H. Adams was 1st in both. Mrs. Trethewy was reserve in both.

Felixstowe Kilrush  Felixstowe Kilrush 

I would, in conclusion, thank exhibitors for the capital entry they gave me, the combination of quality and quantity I have never seen equalled. I should like to impress on breeders that we must have both size and substance and not sacrifice too much to quality. Active, alert, big dogs with plenty of courage, power, substance, straight limbs, harsh coat and good feet are what we must aim at, the raison d'etre of Irish Wolfhounds being not only to course wolves, but also to kill them. "The Irish Wolfhound should not be quite so heavy and massive as the Great Dane, but more so than the Deerhound, which in general type he should otherwise resemble." This point must be kept steadfastly in mind.

"My excellent ring stewards were of the greatest assistance, and I am deeply indebted to them. They were "everything they ought to be, and nothing that they oughtn't to.""

Placings Novice: 1 I W Everett, Felixstowe Gelert; 2 and 3 T.H. Adams, Ivo Shane and I. Ethna; r J McKelvie, Prince; vhc Mrs. Trethewy. Dogs - Junior: 1 F. Gelert; 2 I Shane; 3 Miss H. Stark, Gavin of Breawood; r H Pemberton, Penda; vhc J McKelvie; hc T H Adams. Graduate: 1 F Gelert; 2 I Shane; 3 Gavin of B; r Penda; vhc and hc P Kehoe. Limit: 1 F Gelert; 2 H Pemberton, King Offa; 3 Ivo Shane; r Gavin of B; vhc T H Adams, Mrs. Trethewy (and hc); hc P Kehoe (2). Open: 1 F Gelert; 2 K Offa; 3 and hc Mrs. Trethewy, Ch Felixstowe Kilronan; r and vhc T H Adams, I Dennis. Bitches: Junior: 1 and 2 I Ethna and I Feldath; 3 Mrs. Trethewy, Wykemark Wonder. Graduate: 1 and 2 I Ethna and I Feldath. Limit: 1 J McKelvie, Felixstowe Kilrush; 2 and vhc I Ethna; 3 I W Everett, Daphne of Kidnal; r H Pemberton, Creoda; hc Mrs. Trethewy. Open: 1 and 3 Ch I Dina and I Ethna; 2 F Kilrush; r D of Dkidnal; vhc A Pemberton; hc Mrs. Trethewy. D and B - Brace and Team: 1 T H Adam; r Mrs Trethewy.
(Note: the different spellings of Dina/h and Eth(e)na are as in the original)

Mrs. Trethewy at a show in 1912 
Mrs. Trethewy at a show in 1912 

After the LKA in May, 1913, Major Shewell wrote: "I consider the entry quite a good one, but the dogs were much better all round than the bitches, the three young dogs, Andy, Michael O'Brien and Lindley Brutus, all of them under two years old, were a gratifying sight to an old breeder. The lightness in bitches was specially noticeable and the type of Champion Artara and Champion Cotswold Patricia seems to be dying out. Breeders must see to this and avoid sacrificing substance to classiness. We must have active big boned, big girthed dogs with lots of heart room and well sprung ribs, and I would recommend the use of the Felixstowe Kilronan, Felixstowe Gelert and Conn type of dogs to obtain this. "Substance from the bitch and height from the sire" were the watchwords of Graham and Garnier. A correspondent in "The Times", writing lately on unsoundness in the larger breeds of dogs included Irish Wolfhounds. Had this criticism been written 10 years ago, I might have agreed with him, but the present day Irish Wolfhound is an all-round sound dog and even if an unsound one were shown he would stand no chance whatever of getting a prize, as soundness is now the first thing an Irish Wolfhound judge insists upon."

In 1913, Felixstowe Gelert won 5 Challenge Certificates. He was owned by Major Shewell of the Cotswold kennel. Top in bitches for that year was Felixstowe Kilrush, owned by Mr. J. McKelvie, and winner of 3 Certificates.

There were only two judges in 1914 who wrote reports. Isaac Everett judged the Birmingham Show in January and John Baily the L.K.A. in May at Chelsea. Everett gave the top honours to Felixstowe Gelert, but the winning kennel at the L.K.A. was Fodhla, for which I have no pictures at all. Both judges were still remarking on lack of soundness and differing types.

Obviously it was not all plain sailing with the breed, despite the increase in the number of breeders. Although it seemed that the twisted limbs that were the bugbear of the earliest days of the breed's revival had by this time been overcome, soundness and good movement were seldom present, and it was being felt that perhaps height had been aimed for at the expense of substance and soundness. This was Captain Graham's biggest worry towards the end of his life, when he said he hoped that breeders would not risk everything in order to get more and more height. And, of course, the Great War was soon to start. Shows did go on almost as normal during the early years of the War, but the U.K. and the rest of the Western world were soon to be in turmoil and this was to have its effect on the Irish wolfhound as on everything else.

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