The Irish Wolfhound in Advertisements

 Oleg Cassini
 Ch. Sir Gelert of Ambleside in an Oleg Cassini advertisement
 Veedon Fleece
 Van Morrison Veedon Fleece
 Lakeland is an old hand at dressing man for the outdoors.
A skilled hand too. And very knowing about what men
like. Which explains why this double breasted coat with
hacking pockets is fashioned in cotton corduroy. This
virile fabric keeps you comfortable while it keeps you
snug; keeps you in style while it keeps you in health.
Weathered bronze (shown), deerskin, leather, ivory,
Brussels green. The Brewster, about $60.00.
At good stores across the country.
Cotton Producers Institute, Box 12253, Memphis, Tennessee 38112
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